Different Transaction Fees Charged for Trading at Crypto Currency Platforms

By on December 7, 2021



Cryptocurrency exchanges are also termed cryptocurrency platforms, online marketplaces where buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies come to trade. These exchanges allow anyone to buy or sell various crypto shares on large cryptocurrency transaction. These transactions are anonymous and, in the end, allow traders to make some benefits from their exchanges. However, there are few charges of minimal nature involved in Trading at a crypto exchange.

Most cryptocurrency exchanges operate based on one-factor authentication, i.e. through email, which is very easy and less time-consuming than other methods such as 2-factor authentication (2FA). These all work together to provide a safe and secure platform to exchange crypto currencies without any problems.

The transaction fee system used by cryptocurrency exchanges has become an important factor in cryptocurrency markets. Those platforms that offer zero transaction fees attract users who want to invest in cryptocurrencies but do not want to pay any fee whatsoever since they can achieve this through traditional stock exchanges.

  • Transaction System

The cryptocurrency exchange platforms have a different fee structure for various transactions. There are two types of transactions – spot trading and futures trading.

  1. Spot trading

In this type of transaction, the cryptocurrency is bought or sold immediately but at a discounted price or a higher price respectively. As a result, this type of transaction charges a flat fee irrespective of the total amount being traded by an investor. This flat fee also includes charges incurred from any arbitrage activities an investor performs on the platform.

  1. Future Trading

Future Trading allows an investor exposure to the currency he buys without holding the specific currency. These are simply future contracts for your currency so that you can speculate future pricing for your commodity in possession. These widely become popular among crypto traders as they can make serious profits in the future.

  • Charges Applied at Crypto Exchange

Trading on cryptocurrency exchanges is not entirely free and requires some types of transaction charges. A few of these are explained here.

  • Sellers of cryptocurrencies on exchanges pay a fee or a charge for creating new orders on their platform. The amount charged varies from exchange to exchange and platform to platform.
  • Buyers, who wish to buy cryptocurrencies, also pay fees when they make an order. These charges depend on the exact nature of the transaction and how much is wanted to be bought or sold.

Most transactions on all exchanges are free, though. However, other exchange platforms do charge fees to trade cryptocurrencies. These platforms may charge anywhere between 0% to 15% fee for all types of Trading.

The platforms use these fees to cover operating costs and make up for any losses incurred by them due to unexpected events like hackers and theft of funds. In addition, existing buyers and sellers of crypto need not worry about whether charges apply on their particular large cryptocurrency transaction since they generally come with full transparency on the rates applied.